Bellesoma Method – Breast Lift, Augmentation or Reduction

The Bellesoma Method was created by Dr. Gary Horndeski, which is why it was originally known as the Horndeski Method. While there is no breast reduction or lift method that won’t leave a scar, the Bellesoma method leaves no vertical scar, nor does it involve implants. Dr. Horndeski performs many procedures, but breast lifts and reductions are his specialty.

Over the last fourteen years, Dr. Horndeski has developed this innovative approach to help women. He starts by designing and performing the breast procedures utilizing computerized imaging software to develop an optimal surgical solution for each patient.

This unique method uses a woman’s own tissue to reposition, reshape and secure the breast tissue to the chest muscle rather than relying on skin that will be a victim of gravity in time. The Bellesoma method leaves no unsightly T-shaped, vertical, lollipop or boat anchor shaped scars on the breasts or surrounding area. In fact, many women are extremely satisfied with the procedure, as the Bellesoma method feels similar to having a push-up bra on.

For more than than a decade, Dr. Horndeski has been performing the Bellesoma Method, which includes procedures that focus on breast lifts or reduction. This procedure can be performed for a breast lift or breast reduction and it’s benefits makes it different than other methods available today. Please contact the offices of Dr. Horndeski for a free consultation on the Bellesoma Method, to see if it will meet your aesthetic needs and if it is right for you.